Have You Noticed That Too?

Few years back I was shopping with mom out… and she asked me about some flowers to use for decorations. They were the fancy plastic ones, and assembled in a robe like…

  • Mom: Ansam… what do you think? Yes or no?
  • Ansam: No mom! To begin with, where are you gonna have those?
  • Mom: I dunno, for decoration at home maybe… why not?
  • Ansam: They are a fancy version of what Taxi drivers in Kuwait use to decorate their cars with
  • Mom: What are you talking about? *puzzled*

On the way back home… we passed by a Taxi driver with that SAME decoration I was trying to explain to my mom

  • Ansam: Mom!!! look… look, over here (she was driving) thats what I’m talking about (pointing at a Taxi with those stupid flowers at the back)
  • Mom: Oh ok now I know what you mean

And while we were discussing it and pointing at it, the Taxi driver got scared – specially when I was trying to take a picture… he was speeding to run away from us LOL

But seriously… have you ever noticed that? Its UGLY! WHY!!?

10 responses to “Have You Noticed That Too?

  1. to be unique?

  2. oh yeah ..i agree with you..7dhom ugly
    بس مساكين شادين حليهم و مكشخين السياره يعني..و ازيدج من الشعر بيت..بعض القنوانت (….) تحط حق مذيعين الاخبار باقه ورد هيليقه شعبيه…على قدهم.. و الالوان ابداع و التنسيق اروع
    لو اسطر لج الامثله ما راح اخلص

  3. Loool ee waaaii3 hatha 6farty plastic flowers.. Yarana y76onhom 3shan yzaynon 7de8at.hom..;p T5aylow 24/7 6ol il sena..!!! Ma ymot..?!

  4. yat 3ala il flowers bas , ambe 7ata the little furry animal toys they place at the back specially leopards , raawr .LOOL

  5. ohhh i noticed that LONGGGGG time ago!! its like a theme for every taxi ! and not only taxis if you know what i mean 😛 but hey, now they have upgraded it to plastic flowers, small teddy bears, heart shapes, and one of those white cat toys that i can only imagine how disgusting it would be with all the dust!!!!!

  6. eee…I saw saw some with xmas lighting 😛

  7. I tell you what I noticed, NO HOME COOKING PICTURES!!

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