Wataniya Airways – Premium Economy Lounge

As I was checking my tweets earlier, I saw that Wataniya Airways provided a link through their twitter account about their Premium Economy Lounge and thought pf sharing it with you 😉

The premium experience begins at any Wataniya Airways departure point where the professional staff designated for Premium Economy streamlines baggage collection, check-in, security and immigration. Premium Economy guests will also enjoy:

  • Short, convenient check-in times
  • Dedicated counters for check-in
  • Online Check-in
  • Professional Guest Service Agents
  • Valet parking and porter service
  • Lounges with wireless internet and refreshments
  • Prayer rooms for all guests
  • Concierge service for travel arrangements
  • Quick arrivals from aircraft to customs



Just read this on their twitter

We’re brainstorming names for our new Premium Economy lounge. Give us a creative/catchy name and if we like it, you won’t be disappointed 😉

نعكف حاليا على ايجاد اسم لقاعة الدرجة السياحية المتميزة.. ساهم في تسمية القاعة الجديدة باسم مميز واذا وقع الاختيار عليه قد تفوز بتذكرة سفر

2 responses to “Wataniya Airways – Premium Economy Lounge

  1. Hessa farad almejren

    قاعة المروج
    قاعة المسك

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