A Column Named The World We Live In – By Ali M.

I love my blog.. I really do. I get to meet a lot of interesting people, awesome fans, and of course some do smother me with mouthwatering goodies and yummies and whats not – not to mention all the pampering I get from spas and salons! I really do reject lots of offers for that I feel my credibility is on edge if I had to review everything I get asked to do. Sometimes I dont even have time (but I thank you all very very much). I also tend to ignore email contacts who address me with “Sir” or call my by another bloggers name (telemarketers mostly)… or those who want me to go on their website or facebook group and ask me to grab pictures from there and write whatever I want! No, thats not how I do it! Anyways… Back to the title of this post! Well… this time I was lucky enough to get a signed book. The book is called “A Column Named The Wolrd We Live In” By Ali M.

How nice to get a book!  Well, I actually got it quite some time back -Like JUNE back- but didnt get the chance to read it till lately! The book is very interesting with a hint of comedy here and there. The writer himself is a man of numbers (business) as well as a man of words (literature) who takes you with his novel back to the beginning of the third millennium and all the way forward to the not so distant future of 2014.

Thank You Ali M. 😉

For more info check out his website (Link), join his Facebook page (link), follow him on twitter (link), or check out his blog (link)

4 responses to “A Column Named The World We Live In – By Ali M.

  1. wow ali thats impressive mashalla!! i love the cover of the book ! congrats ali wish u all the best, u earned it 🙂

    ansam are they selling the book yet ?

  2. Didi, thanks for your comment and for your wishes 😀 “u earned it” <– that especially makes me feel proud and thank you!

    To answer the question on behalf of ansam 🙂 : the book is coming to Kuwait bookstores by Sept inshalla with my official marketing campaign. You'll know when it's selling inshalla 😉

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