Help Failaka – Part VIII (Final)

The last stop we made was Failaka War Museum… I have no idea why its called a museum! To begin with, the place was unattended and the gate was chained with a broken chain so we got in easily! And I have no idea if it was safe to walk around in there :-S But we did anyways…

Like many “attractions” in the island, this museum wasnt any better… it was totally neglected and it was in an open area under direct sun light!

It was an overwhelming trip with so many mixed feelings and lots of hope and praying for the island to get back on its feet! *fingers crossed*

The trip summary as below:

Arriving Failaka

Baskin Robbins

Failaka Animals

Failaka Clinic

KFH – Failaka Branch

Failaka Resort

Failaka School

8 responses to “Help Failaka – Part VIII (Final)

  1. Sij 7asafa 3aleha walla tegdar tkon a kuwaiti version of sharm elsheikh.

  2. I’m not gonna lie and say Kuwait can be tourist attraction right now, But lots of foreigna pass by for business and would love to see such places. This neglectance is so unexplainable.

    Nice photos anyways 🙂

  3. Oh excellent photos, i so wanna go

  4. Last week I had meeting with lifeguard command in MOI he inform me 2011 the renovation will start and they will build new Marina station.

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