Frost – Ramadan Treats

Frost is offering a wide range of Ramadani treast for you to try out 😉

White Chocolate Kanafa


Kanafa Cupcakes

Edible Flowers

Dark Chocolate Date Cake

To order, call 55316367.

For more, visit their official website (link) or join their Facebook group (link)

To read more about my experience with frost, check out the Cheeseburger Theme Birthday Part Post!

9 responses to “Frost – Ramadan Treats

  1. it really looks good.. well everything with good lighting and pro photography would look good.. even 7alema boland

  2. الورووود شكلهم يونس حدااا 🙂

  3. Have to mention that the pictures were taken by my brother
    Pedro’s Photography 😀

  4. hehehe yes pedro photography is soo talented !!

  5. Kanafa Cupcakes! AMBAIH! LOL ABI!

  6. F.J. Bliss: You have to try the “White Chocolate Kunafa” I swear the combo sounds strange but it is heavenly 🙂

  7. tried the kenafa trifle and the kenafa cake .. I really liked it! it tasted different on a good way .. it had a filling of vanilla and creamy white chocolate .. the only thing that I didn’t like is the kenafa itself .. it was too much and bit tough to eat

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