Ad – Warsha (Ramadan)

I saw this ad last Tuesday on AlWatan Newspaper.

Whadya think? (of the ad, not the company itself :-P)

8 responses to “Ad – Warsha (Ramadan)

  1. awal masheft el sora kashaait .. el combination kilish mo shay !! ghair mowafaq el ad bl nesba ley !

  2. terrible ad.

  3. Just Wow !!

  4. i like the combination but there’s no need for the 3asakom min 3awada in english, i’d rather see it in arabic.

    I wonder if 3owadah ilspelling is done on purpose, coz id rather see it as 3awAdah ;p

  5. Terrible and I wouldn’t call this creative!

  6. they shud hav gone with another tool cuz u dont get it from the first glance, u need time to understand it…

    And i agree with meme a7la law in english…

  7. 9ij el.nas athwaq 🙂

  8. Yes… lawla ta3addod al athwaaq la barat al sila3 😉

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