Why The Vimto Fever (in Ramadan)?

Few days back, I read an article/report in AlRai Newspaper about Vimto! So why Vimto? Have you ever wondered why the Vimto fever during Ramadan?

I have been to a friend’s house when they served Vimto few month before Ramadan, and someone said “Why Vimto? Its not even Ramadan yet!!!!” So why the connection!? How did it start?

Why did it become so popular in Ramadan to the point where Co-op all over the country limited the purchase of Vimto to two bottles per family! Not to mention the fights you witness when people wanna buy it!

Pictures and full article available here!

23 responses to “Why The Vimto Fever (in Ramadan)?

  1. 3ad madri shy7bon feh matros shkar o kila alwan 9na3ia ;s

  2. تصدقين مادري !!! يمكن لان الجسم يحتاج الى السكر وهذا طعمة كله سكر

  3. Water+suger+color.. what is so nice about it? :p

  4. Vimto is a drink for all Muslims in Ramadhan and then suddenly it becomes a “shee3i” drink during mu7aram and 3ashoora2, I dunno why it’s always associated with religious occasions although it has nothing to do with religion!

  5. maybe bcoz it gives high sugar in few mints ! or madre mn ba6alna 3yona 3la irmthan w il vimto malik il f6oor ;p

  6. The Times online mentioned that some 15 million bottles were sold during Ramadan 2007. It’s manufactured under license by the Aujan Industrial Company in Saudi Arabia and has a 90% market share in the cordial concentrated drinks market.

  7. I don’t really get it either… Vimto has always been around every meal in our childhood all year round then we stopped drinking it when we realized it’s nothing but sugar and color… but then it’s coming back strongly the past few years… i didn’t even realize that it’s strongly associated with Ramadan until this year… especially when my siblings started mixing it again and drinking it for Futoor… power of advertisement i guess?

  8. I didnt drink one cup of vimto since ramadan started!!! i cant even believe myself, but am happy cuz i dont wana put that much of sugar in my body this year!

  9. uff vimto 3ajeeb…

  10. I think that it’s similar as the Egyption drink “sharbaat” which is a very old celebration drink and they still drink it until now .. Vimto is our Kuwaiti shrbaat 🙂 as a celebration of Ramadan
    I don’t think that it’s the sugar because any coke drink has twice the sugar

  11. I’ve been asking the same question myself .. WHY!!!? I actually feel embarrassed if I try to drink Vimto if it’s not Ramadan .. I just feel that I will get the looks from people :p

  12. 7alha 7al ele yakel corn flakes for dinner! 😛 that’s me by the way hehe

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