Help Failaka – Part VII

While in Failaka, we made a quick stop at one of the schools… neglected of course just like the other places we have been to.. well, except for Failaka island which was taken care of -kinda- by authorized personnels. Anyways… back to the school issue

It was so sad to walk around the school…. thinking of the events that took place in there pre-war!

Lots of damage was done during and after the war

Do you know what this is?

A very broken piano in the school theater 😦

And just like KFH, many documents were thrown here and there with people’s names on’em! Where is the Ministry of Education on this issue?

We have seen lots of papers date back to the 1970s even!!!

Yes, I left something for you there 😛

But really… walking around this school was so sad!

Bring life back to Failaka 😦

Next stop? War Museum 😉 – Stay Tuned!

7 responses to “Help Failaka – Part VII

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  2. Time stopped there… could do a good LOST episode

  3. I have to go there! I love abandon places?
    Have you ever seen the abandon American Hospital in “Deera” ?

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