Funny Sign at Wataniya

Another picture of the funny sign I posted about from all over – I think I am gonna start a collection here 😉 This time it was snapped in Wataniya‘s parking lot 😉

I know… I know… dont get started on me, I know its necessary to have and its for safety issues, but I just find it funny – that’s me 😛

9 responses to “Funny Sign at Wataniya

  1. where is the one for women? this is a male gathering point only

  2. I like the fact that you find it funny, because I too have things that I find funny in which others don’t. So I salute your uniqueness 🙂
    … and yes why not start a collection 😉

  3. i saw this sign in many locations!!! it’s not funny

    funny is when someone falls from the stairs.. hahahah cracks me up

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