Ramadan Dresses Fever!

I dont usually spend a lot of money on Ramadan dresses/kaftans/dara’as because I only wear them during Ramadan and few times only each, so I usually go for dresses that I can wear anytime of the year… However this year I got Ramadani Style fever… below are few items I bought from Kuwaiti designers this year for Ramadan! I love their style, their attention to details, and their packaging too 😉

My first purchase was from Amna AlSalem 😉 I went to her exhibition and was amazed by her collection!

I know Amna on a personal level, and she’s the kind of person that pays extra attention to details and beauty! She is a total fashionasta!

She wraps up her items carefully and give’em to her clients in a very nice box!

The second exhibition I attended (and wrote about) was S.Squared by Salma & Saba. I went to college with those stylish girls and while I was preparing their post few days back I decided that it was a MUST attend event! I browses through their collection and it was a hard choice! They have so many interesting pieces but I ended up with a turquoise one 😉 LOVE IT!

And a couple of days back I got one more from LouSha! I missed their Third Exhibition, which I heard was a BIG HIT! So I was happy that I could get my hands on one of their pieces after the exhibition 😉 What can I say about LouSha… two wonderful young women; my Cousin Loulwa and her friend Shayma! Very stylish and their styles reflect their two different tastes… with each piece they sell have a touch of both, Lou & Sha 😉

The last one was by Dana – a very dear friend of mine whos always dressed up in the most stylish ways ever! She had an exhibition held in Al Tilal with her sister in law a while back, and I knew I had to go to get a piece. Very colorful and nice collection! It was a hard choice for me, but I ended up with this one!

What were your favorites this year? 😉

14 responses to “Ramadan Dresses Fever!

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  2. Thanx Ansam 😉

  3. wow looks amazing!!

  4. Mashalla, that is actually what we need in Kuwait! Girls designing dara3at and actually branding their business. I don’t think girls in Kuwait should design ready-to-wear (which some do!) since there are sooo many amazing international designers out there.
    I liked Amna AlSalem’s details, can’t judge her designs haven’t seen her collection, as for S. Squared2 sounds a lot like d squared2

  5. malboos il3aafya 7abeebtee…

    Oo Allah ywaffig iljamee3 inshallah 😀

  6. 7ayaaati talbiseenhom bil 3afya Ansam :*

  7. ansam 7abeebti entay eli et7aleenhom for sure :** thanks alot

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