Help Failaka – Part VI

One of the stops we made in Failaka was Failaka’s Resort of Touristic Enterprise Company. What happend? I mean I know we’ve been through war… BACK IN 1990-91, so why did we leave it there!!!!

Look at this Olympic size swimming pool!

The ghost town chalets….

When are we gonna take a step forward into fixing Failaka! This is really sad 😦

Next stop? One of Failaka’s Schools 😉 – Stay tuned!

4 responses to “Help Failaka – Part VI

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  2. I remember this place bak in the old days…

  3. I think because it was filled with mines failaka people left it government didn’t clean up fast.

    But in the end all the places there are for failaka people they are the once who should go back to live in there homes.

    I assume because failakawiya stopped going back the government didn’t care to fix it and get it back in shape.

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