Recommended – Eyecon

This is a magical product… I swear by it! I have noticed the difference, not only that but one of my coworkers asked me what “eye concealer” do I use!

It is basically a brightening eye cream that help fade dark circles and smooth fine lines around the eye area 😉 Not only that, but it also have gorgeous gentle smell to it (not strong at all). Keep in mind that you wont get instant results… but you will get results eventually 😉

Simply apply it and be prepared to pack your “bags” away!

Price tag? KD10.500

12 responses to “Recommended – Eyecon

  1. I already using it.. and it is very nice and smooth
    i recommend it

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  3. I have used it months ago without any good results. The dark circles are the same and not even lighter!!!!

  4. i LOVE this product.

    Hint: dab a bit of collagen gel from Albert d’Arnal before using eye con.. it’s 27 KD but worth every fils (it’s quite large, too about 3 times the size of regular eye creams).. the area will look so taut.. from Boots

  5. my god, i’ve been looking for something of that sort. well, if you swear by it, then i better give it a try and i honestly hope it works 🙂

  6. Oh I need this
    I’ll definitely get it
    thanx 4 letting us know =]

  7. where did u get it?

  8. hey ansam,
    since its been a while on this post, do u find the result permanent? or is it returning? are you still using it?

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