NBK Iftar Banquets

NBK is set to host Iftar daily banquets during the Holy Month of Ramadan as part of an extensive social program specifically developed by NBK in concordance with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan and as a further testament of the Bank’s commitment to its social responsibility.

استكمل بنك الكويت الوطني استعداداته لإقامة “موائد الخير” لإفطار الصائمين وذلك في إطار برنامج اجتماعي حافل بالفعاليات والأنشطة الخيرية والإنسانية والترفيهية أعده البنك بمناسبة الشهر الفضيل التزاما منه بالنهوض بمسؤولياته الاجتماعية.

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6 responses to “NBK Iftar Banquets

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  2. Hatha wajebhm tjeh l mojtm3 elly 5allalehm thgl bel 3alam
    bs hm l awlaweya tkon 7g l 3awayel l kuwaitia l faqera wel bdon l m7tajen

  3. I would like to take this chance to thank nbk’s team for for their time and effort
    i saw them a couple of times giving food and water and most important a smile. Iys 47c outside and the nbk team is standing outside for more than an hour organizing and giving out food, and they are doing this everyday during ramadan. They stop spending time with family just to do this ..
    P.s : this work does not count within their job working hours, they go to work like everybody then when it reaches 3pm they leave to join nbk ramadan team.

  4. I hate NBK, their just bunch of liars, freaking toying with my account and hasn’t told me the truth yet.

  5. Wow ! Mashallah that is lovely to see , can ne one join and help out ? Or does it hav to be an nbk employee ? Ne ways really makes me happy to see this 🙂

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