Help Failaka – Part IV

Due to lots of walking around in Failaka -wearing flip flops- and because I have an injured toe, my bandage fell of, and I was too scared to walk around the island and get it infected, so I asked for the island clinic directions… it was in the Heritage Village!

Now I dont have any serious complaints… the clinic was clean, and the nurse was nice and all, but how big of an emergency can they hold? I mean when it comes to serious injuries… Are they prepared for this kind of stuff? I forgot to ask if there was any operating hospital on the island! Just a random thought! hmmmmm

Next stop? Kuwait Finance House 😉 – Stay tuned!

12 responses to “Help Failaka – Part IV

  1. weeen beit el5a6aba Makiya?! ana 9awart yam beitha lol 🙂

  2. I’ve just noticed your Failaka posts… it is so sad how the Island is being neglected 😦

  3. el dr she9eeeer 7ag el momathela fa6ma el 9afeeey??? ;D

    o waiting for KFH post 3la naaaaar !!!

  4. There is no Hospital in Failaka, there has never been. In case of an emergency that requires hospital care, patients are transferred to Amiri hospital, at least that was the protocol before the Invasion and I guess the same rule applies now.

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  6. Before the Invasion there used to be a helipad in front of Amiri (at the sea side), I think that might have been used to transfer emergencies from the Island. Cold cases or non-emergencies came by the ferry.

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