Same Dish – Different Presentations ;-)

Below are pictures of the same dish served in two different branches of the Meat Co.; Kuwait & Bahrain. The dish is called Boerewors, which consists of African sausage and polenta 😉

Which one do you like better? And why?

20 responses to “Same Dish – Different Presentations ;-)

  1. defenitly the second one, it looks more flavourous and well cooked!

  2. They are using two different plates to present the same dish, and the sauce is different, cannot say just by looking at it which one tastes better.

    Now if you go by the name of the meal, then the first picture is more representative of how this dish might actually look like as it is presented in an earthy traditional way, the way “worst” should be served.

    So based on above, I choose the first one.

    Ok where do I collect my winnings?

  3. the second pic , coz shakla artab o a7la (y) ,,, btw which one is in q8 ?

  4. Seconde one seems yummy and well cOoked

  5. oooh .. I need to taste them first. Problem is: how?

  6. of course second!:P i think no one so far in kuwait could reach that level of perfection when it comes to taste & presentation! its like always one over another!

  7. The first picture…it looks less crowded 🙂

  8. loved the 1st one ,, nicely presented 🙂

  9. Hands down 1st one! more professional, elegant and as pointed above less crowded !:)

  10. Interesting feedback! Will see which is which soon 😉

  11. i like the second one coz the sauce looks chunky and well prepared

  12. The second one

  13. #2 looks juicer ! But #1 looks familiar 😉

  14. 1st one!! cause the second one looks messy!! which one is the one you had in kuwait?

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  16. Answer is posted… now you will know which is which 😛

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