Afghan Woman with Chopped Off Nose & Ears!

I saw this video on Barmait and thought of sharing it with you… though viewer discretion is advised! Do not watch if you have a soft stomach 😦


This isnt Islam!!!!!

10 responses to “Afghan Woman with Chopped Off Nose & Ears!

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  2. Truly heartbreaking that women are treated in this manner. Not Islam of course, but an Afghani male-dominated society with no humanity left. People who claim to be Muslims but tarnish the reputation of Muslims. Very sad I heard she is off to the US for reconstructive surgery. God bless her.

  3. esalfa feha ena !!
    dam el-bent ga3da tetklam o ehma mtrjmen bel english fog 9ot,ha ma a9adeq lina 3ady 3ndhom y7rfon bel klam 3shan yksbon moshahden,!!!
    plus NO WAY moslim ysawi chthy low shno ykon ‘9mera y2nba ma ygdar yswi chthy ehma ga3den yshw,hon 9orat el-eslam 3shan y’36on 3ala el-blawi ely t9er 3ndhom o ena e7na good ppl o bnsa3dha o nsawi laha 3mlia 3shan tred t3esh 7yat,ha !!!

    • Are you serious??? What do you mean “NO WAY moslim ysawi chthy” – no one is perfect! And those are muslims by name but not necessarily practicing it the right way!

  4. miskena..alah ey3enha

  5. 3ateeja: No way a muslim ysawi chithi?? intay ghafla 3an ili g3d yseer bkil an7aa il 3alaam?? fee msulimeen ythab7oon y3athboon yqtasboon yaghzoon kilshay ysawoona!!! its about the person himself or herself. not about religion or a belief system. lo ili tgoleena sa7ee7 chan mako ijram ib dowalna al3arabiya/alislamiya…bes lilassaf feeh WAYID.

    allah y3eenha o y7afthha min hal 7aywanat ili ib afghanistan. nothing justifies what has been done to her.

  6. Ansam : i know no one is perfect bs come on ma to9al chthy 7ta el-kafer fe ra7ma bglba !!

    Mrm: el-religion ehya ely tswi esha59 !! shlon not about the religion ???

  7. so sad..but unfortunately the world does not know much about taliban and other afghan tribes. the people which we see are not taliban.. the taliban were few and they are inactive.. alot of tribes very inspired by taliban and stated following taliban in extreme way..
    true taliban are always condemning such acts.
    Now in afghanistan there are groups from everywhere and fighting and hired by military agencies
    inshallah things will improve in afghanistan after foreigners move out.

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