Why I <3 Enjoy!

So this is how it goes with me… When I try a restaurant for the first time and like it so much, I keep on going back to try other dishes… so this is gonna be one long post about Enjoy! and many many food pictures along with it… dont say I didnt warn you πŸ˜›

So where do I begin… Lets see, their delivery service!

The order did not take long to arrive

I ordered their Boneless Buffalo Wings and House Burger..

Both came in hot and fresh! I was amazed! End result: Very happy customer!

The next visit was initiated by our friend who kept hearing us (my sisters & I) bragging about the place… we picked a day and off we went to enjoy another lunch at Enjoy!

We started of with Vegetable Spring Rolls,Β MozzarellaΒ Sticks, Shrimp Tempura, and Buffalo Wings! Fabulous! Specially the buffalo wings and shrimp tempura ❀ They have a special place in my heart πŸ˜‰

Moving on to Enjoy! Salad – It was one of my least favorite dishes to try at Enjoy! though… :-S

Now with the real business… their BURGERS!

My sister ordered her favorite…. the Classic Burger

While I opted for the BBQ Burger

Our friend ordered her meal a la mini burgers… she went ahead with my suggestion for Swiss Mushroom! She loved it πŸ˜‰ One more fan for Enjoy!

The fun does not stop there… After I read Barmait’s review and how he spoke of their cheesecake I really wanted to give it a go… so I went with my friend for dinner at Enjoy!

For drinks, I had Peachy Lemonade, good but TOO sweet

We both ordered the Blue Cheese Burger…

While my friend went ahead and ordered it mini size along with Beef & Broccoli

I ordered mine regular size… and boy oh boy! This is one of the best burgers I have ever tried at Enjoy!…. after my first love, the Swiss Mushroom of course

As for the cheesecake

It was just right… light and fluffy… perfect with a shot of espresso πŸ˜‰

And right before Ramadan, we went again for lunch there with my cousins… we were a group of seven so here comes few more pictures for you

I didnt take pictures of all orders because there would be duplications from pictures above, but I tried to snap more pictures of new dishes… like my cousin’s soup… Tom Yum

Virginia Bites…. well, after few bites of course hehehe it was fuller πŸ˜›

My order – Two mini burgers (my favorite two); the Swiss Mushroom and the Blue Cheese

I guess the restaurant staff recognize us now… and for that they gave us three complimentary dishes of desserts… the Cheesecake, Berry Delight, and the Blackout Cake…

Enjoy! is located right next to Marina Residence (near Marina Mall).

You can find their menu on Q8PD (link).Β To order, call 25737573 – 25739573

“Enjoy!” πŸ˜‰

15 responses to “Why I <3 Enjoy!

  1. I’M STARVING NOW ANSAM! and it’s all your fault…LOL!

  2. china yabeela ? o mashalaah kila food posts about food waqt li9yam everywhere
    ps: madre shfenee lately i have a thing for burgers , thats all i could think about , i havent had a japanese or a chinese meal in over a year 😦

    • Yabeela o nos… o thalatarbaa3 ba3ad! hehehehe
      I had this post scheduled shortly before before, but maybe you checked it later wagt lesyaam πŸ˜› heeheeheeeeeee

      I ❀ burgers!

  3. OMG i MUST order from this . Looks so yum!!!

  4. They gotta legalize drugs and alcohol to keep kuwaities away from this eating craze…

  5. Somsom… did you know that I only visit your blog in the evening now? It looks soo good!!!

  6. would really like 2 try it ,, after ur POSTS ;D

  7. Woooooow it seems amazing , am gonna try it as soon as posible .. Thaaaaaaanx sister πŸ˜€

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