Funny Napket/Ansam Yogurt Moments!

I have posted about those comments on my Notes on Facebook and on my twitter a while back, but thought of sharing them on my blog too 😉 – Enjoy!

Funny Napket Moment #1: Sitting in Napket having Ansam Yogurt – a girl looking at me smiling, then laughing.. she approaches me and say….. I know you dont know me, but I know you are Ansam, we have few friends in common yada yada yada… but seeing you eating your yogurt is so funny – as if you are promoting it (Ansam eating Ansam Yogurt)

Funny Napket Moment #2: Im at the counter, I order Ansam Yogurt. I take my yogurt & sit. Five mins later I see a guy I dunno givin me two thumbs up pointing at Ansam Yogurt that he was eating!

Funny Napket Moment #3: I was enjoyin my yogurt when two girls on their way out say “khoosh yogurt” (awesome yogurt) we ordered it & the waiter pointed “THIS IS ANSAM BTW – You are ordering her yogurt!”

Funny Napket Moment #4: Waiter ask me, there was a guy here yesterday asking for you! He said you had left him something here for him to pick up? :S Seriously??? – After I posted this on facebook… a friend of mine confessed it was him LOL! It was a miscommunication/misunderstanding thing 😛

Funny Napket Moment #5: Been calling Napket last month a lot to ask if the machine was still broken. After so many calls, waiter recognize my voice & before I even ask.. I say hello, he says No ma’am… no yogurt today, machine still broken!!

15 responses to “Funny Napket/Ansam Yogurt Moments!

  1. LOOL @ the 2 thumbs up guy 😛

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  3. Cool and funny!!
    But how do strangers recognise you? For example the guy with the two thumbs up!!

  4. lol
    that’s fun!
    9rty msh-hora! :p

  5. loool funny moment no.5

    U must love napket!

  6. Loooool!! i like the last one!!

  7. yasater ;p laish el blogs sayreen mashroo3 taf6eer sa2em 7aram 3alaikom yowa3a ;p

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