Help Failaka – Part I

A couple of weeks back I went to Failaka Island. Now this wasnt my first trip there, but its the first time I take a tour around the island with -if I can somehow say- one of Failaka’s locals. I will be documenting the trip in parts as usual with short commentaries… so are you ready?

My friends and I met in the port to take the boat we rented for the trip. It was hot summer day, but we didnt mind 😉

And here it is… Failaka 😉

It was really really hot day, but the company was fabulous so that made up for the hot weather big time

We arrived before noon! Oh here is the classic ferry IKARUS 😉

There isnt -unfortunately- much to do on the island, although there is a HUGE potential for it to be a big hit, but its neglected BIG time!

To begin with, it is NOT clean AT ALL!!

A couple of neglected museums here and there, the heritage village, barns (horses and camels), swimming pool, beach, a ghost town resort, houses (almost all of which are ruined), and more…. of sadness and emptiness!

I was surprised actually to see few tourists, and I also ran into one of my Lebanese coworkers there! Interesting!!

Anyways… we were lucky enough to have gained some “access” to few places I have never been to, such us Failaka Museum, which is pretty much under-works, and in desperate need of attention!

The island was also a weekend stop for so many irritating people who were just cruising around their cars, making noises, honking, and acting all silly! WTH!

It was a trip of mixed feelings, I really was disappointed because no one is giving serious attention to it when it can be one of the best stops to make in town, and a perfect weekend get-away!

Next stop? Baskin Robbins a la Failaka Style 😉 – Stay tuned

12 responses to “Help Failaka – Part I

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  2. I’m really sad about this island :s
    But I’m also happy to read your posts about it.
    I’m waiting 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I hope you enjoy them.. I wanna spread awareness about it! Lets hope it works! There are issues (serious ones) to be taken care of

  3. Still I haven’t get an oppounity to visit the island.
    I hope that is a solution to help and support this empty island.
    Thanks for the photos

  4. ee 3ad killa ela el baskin eli hnak loool! ;p

    i went there a couple of summers ago…and even though i had access to a few places here and there, the trip wasnt all that really (except for my lovely company). theres sooo much potential there…a7is tkon 7ta a7la mn shalaihat…

    7asafa no one is paying attention to it 😦

  5. All Falkawiya should be sent back! LOL

  6. Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah is planning a lecture and trip to Failaka to meet with a team of excavators for our next cultural season! It should be exciting! Because you will hear first hand from Failaka scholars.

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