Ad – Asnan Clinic

Whadya think?


Thanks Madooy 😉

17 responses to “Ad – Asnan Clinic

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  2. I believe by Now this
    ad ranks #1 on Ramadhan Commercials LIST

    simply its all over the blogs and High Frequency on Watav TV since 5 pm yesterday.

    the Director Aziz Aljassmi Work Rocks as always
    check out his You Tube channel :

    Glad the commercial business is getting smarter as well…

    Don’t you think?

  3. looool love it! funny & attractive adv.
    they always use great ideas

  4. BEST AD !!
    waaayed a7la mn el other LOW BUDGET kuwaiti ads


  5. ee akeed 3eyadat 3li elkhalifa akeed high frequency lol bss 7asafaa da3ayathom el3am wayed a7laaaa esinaaa bayan emsAKTEEN O ALL OVER THE BLOGS ALL THE YEAR MO SEASONAL 😛 MASHALLAH

    • Yeah I loved Bayan Dental Ad! Hilarious!
      I like Asnan’s ad this year more than last year’s! Last year it was more of a war between Asnan and Maydan! It was a bit childish… this one is better and is funny too!

  6. shesalfaaa kilaa 3roos esinaa elfal lee , bs 3roos jaikara allah ehadakom

  7. i think it brilliant , and the look on his face from the moment she came in to the moment she smiled it just priceless LOL

  8. seriously the worse clinic in kuwait, they messed up my teeth, 7asbeya allah 3alaihum!!!

  9. noura: so sorry to hear that:S try bayan dental:D

  10. oh ya bayan and almaidan are really good 9ij ey3arfoon eshga3ed eysawoon. Asnan fat7een 7aqel tajarob bil nas !!

  11. mo elmohim eda3aya elmohim eshoghol, shogholhom kilaa tekhombg

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