The picture say it all!!!! The pavement isnt just a different colored street on the road you know!!!! Tsk tsk tsk

10 responses to “No-No!

  1. That’s people attitute you could find them in all the street.
    What we could do?.

  2. i believe what he was trying to do is take a U-turn…correct? WoW…just wen u think u’ve seen it all…

  3. at least better than hitting the light lamb.

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  5. mal mnn hal shar3…7ab yghayer ;P

  6. Why do some people think they’re above the law?!!!

  7. Hmmmm I’m guessing his car broke down who would want to park in the divider there’s no shops close to him. It doesn’t make sense

  8. Il7imdilla wil shiker….Us Kuwaities are the worst drivers in the world hands down. self entitled, reckless and aggressive. Itlaw3oon ilchabd kilikom.

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