Recommended – Makeup Forever Eyelashes

For those of you who know me well you know I do not wear heavy makeup so dont be shocked that I recommended this! Makeup Forever Eyelashes #130!

As you can tell, from the pictures above, I buy’em in bulk cuz they run out of those really fast! They look heavy but when I appky’em I do not have to wear heavy eye makeup cuz they do wonders adding depth and dramatic look! I love’em! ❤

Price tag? KD5 😉

10 responses to “Recommended – Makeup Forever Eyelashes

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  2. gr8! that means I don’t have to apply mascara 😀
    I’m not much of a make up person either ;p
    thnx ansam:)

  3. is it easy to apply, want to ve it a long time back but not sure if i can apply them or not good at this things.

    • I got used to applying it pretty fast. Best thing to do is ask a makeup artist (my friend is one and she gave me pointers) on how to apply it. Also check YouTube for step-by-step clips 😉

  4. Did you ever try the semi permanent ones?

  5. Thanks Ansam for sharing these tips.

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