Juju’s Ramadan Collection

Last week, I came home to find these boxes of Juju’s Yummies waiting for me – So much for trying to be “healthier” – but I didnt mind at all…

The presentation and time taken to prepare them to have this end result is absolutely fabulous!

They arrived in time for our gathering with family and later with friends… So that worked out for the best since I could not try every single thing in those boxes 😉 First  the cupcake – Ramadani style mini cupcakes

The size of which was perfect! I loved the Rahash (sweet tahini) and Kunafa ones the most 😉 Moving on…. to trifles 😉

Individually boxed in their branded boxes! I loved the presentation… again I did not try all of them, but I loved the Darabeel (Kuwaiti cinnamon rolls) one and the red velvet too ❤

To order, call their Fanar branch at 25722999 😉

6 responses to “Juju’s Ramadan Collection

  1. Looks yummy! I have never tried their cupcakes…
    I did however try athoob’s chocolates.. and they’re as sweet as her.. 🙂

  2. 3alaikom bel3afia 😀

  3. looks yummy
    3laikom bel.3afyah

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