Chocolates & More

I am sure many of you now read this on other blogs and/or received the email with pictures of Chef Athoub AlNasrallah -of Chocolates & More– featured in one of the French magazines 😉

I have tried her chocolate on several occasions and seen it in so many receptions, wedding catering, and gift boxes… they are unique in taste and very delicately prepared.  Such talented locals make me so proud 😉 WTG Chef Athoub Al Nasrallah 😉

I am also on their mailing newsletter and thought of sharing with you their Ramadan Offer 😉

A chocolate tray full of Ramadan goodies – good to go for  this holy month, Gergaian, and Eid 😉

To order call 99282829

6 responses to “Chocolates & More

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  2. I love her chocolates.. she makes ones in shape of eggs 7adda 3ajeeeeeeb o dakhla filling mo 9ij!!

  3. thats great! Mashalla sj their chocolates are good 🙂

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