Ad – Wataniya Telecom – Ramadan 2010

Just saw this video on Frankom‘s


Whadya think?

20 responses to “Ad – Wataniya Telecom – Ramadan 2010

  1. 7elwa ald3aya w albait ele m9wren feh 7elo :p
    bs ele’3nya mooo shaaay !!

  2. I honestly loved it !! I dunno its just one of those ads that make me smile

  3. couldnt stop smiling when i saw it ams

  4. I loved it , it’s one of the ads that u want see more of it each time and draws a smile on ur facen, smart marketing !

  5. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT – a7laa ad this year 😉

  6. Loveee the AD !! Reminds me of my family when all of us are together… isn’t every family like this 🙂 more to smile tooo .. wataniya is giving $1000 everyday on their facebook page !

  7. v v nice ad
    love it

  8. waaaaaaaaaaayid 7abbait ilda3ayyah… exactly like ilzwara fil bait il3ood 😀

  9. 2 thumbs up

  10. waaaaaai amoot 3alaiha astanis kil ma ti6la3.. il kalimat wil mashahid r so… REAL!

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