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Why is Sharq and Bneid Al Gar are spelled this way when both are pronounced with “G”-sound (Sharg & Bneid Al Gar)!? Why isnt Sharq spelled Sharg?

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  2. Take a Left and come to Eden ! hahaha

  3. 123@hotmail.com

    Because they spell it in the way it should be spelled in our arabic language. For example the Egyptians/lebanese/etc would be calling it Shar2. with a hamza. I think its right the way theyv spelled it in the pic above, however the way we say it came from our Kuwaiti accent.

  4. LOL kind of how Mishref is now spelled Mushref..

  5. I have noticed a lot of things r spelled, and pronounced differently :s I am still trying to get the sh=k and the g=y

  6. U have a point Ansam. However, the problem is not with Sharq which i beleive is written correctly in both languages. The problem is with beneid El Gar which is written in English like it is pronounced in Kuwaiti dialect since it would sound funny if it was written the way it is written in Arabic which is Bneid el Qar.
    I guess there are no rules for the English translation, Shaab is not pronounced this way in Kuwaiti dialect too…

    • But even in Kuwaiti dialect Sharq with Q will sound very incorrect hehehe! Its Sharg you know. I guess there arent any rules like you said. I complained a lot about Share3 Al Ta3awun and why it was written Cooperative Road (WAS) and yes they changed it now to read “Ta’awun” or something, which to me is correct 😉 You dont translate city and street names you know 😉

  7. في فرق في النطق ، يعني كلمه ” شرق ” كلمه عربيه اصيله ما تقدر اتغير بحرف القاف، بس ” بنيد القار ” كلمه بلكنه كويتيه و القاف من من احرفها

  8. lol

    because there is an actual rule on how you spell arabic names in english (although as some have pointed out it is not practiced entirely correct in signs around kuwait )
    the story is that each letter in arabic must have a representative in english. now for letters like “سين” can be easily written with an ‘S’ but what about the letters “قاف” and “خاء” ? the answer is that we use ‘Q’ for writing the letter “ق” and ‘KH’ for the latter. can you see what would sharg with a letter G would be written in arabic as ? :>

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