Munch – Ramadan Menu

As part of Munch’s ongoing efforts to satisfy your Ramadan cravings, they came up with a wonderfull selection of salads, main courses, side dishes and desserts that you can order for Fatour or Suhour ๐Ÿ˜‰

And due to popular demand, their Arabic Mezza platter is back on the menu!

For more info on MUNCH;

Visit their blog (link) –ย Join their Facebook group (link) –ย Or visit them in Dar AlAwadi โ€“ B1 โ€“ Tel # 22322747 & 22322757

Thanks Dana ๐Ÿ˜‰

3 responses to “Munch – Ramadan Menu

  1. looks REALLY yummy!! call me silly but, i’m kinda disappointed to see a spelling mistake since Munch is really professional! the word “mouse” is misspelled..the correct spelling is “mousse”…unless they really meant mouse..that would be different,haha

  2. Oh oh.. your right! No no we don’t serve mouse, we serve mousse..
    I guess that one slipped by me, or the designer decided to play a prank on us:)

    Thank you Reem!

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