Ad – Bayan Dental (Ramadan)


Thanks Rama 😉

Company- Bayan Dental
Production Agency- Senyar
Producer- Lara Ayoub
Art Director- Sara AlMuhana
Director- Khaled AlRifai
Music- Riyath AlQabandi
Actors- Hamad Boursli and Marwa Ben Shgeir

16 responses to “Ad – Bayan Dental (Ramadan)

  1. e3lanat Ramadan this year betkon shay ma7a9alsh 🙂

  2. i like i like i like i like i like i like i like i like 😀

  3. the guy is sooo cute !!!!!

  4. Ya, I really liked their advertisment which Rama has sent to us.
    Well, I liked the idea and specially the creativity in recording.

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  6. WTF !

    The purpose of the ad is to initiate a positive response or curiosity towards the brand. This has nothing in it, except the splash. Makes me think hard. Darn.

    • Read Senyar’s comment below! Laish “WTF” o ma3raf aish, its very clear and very nicely executed… bes entaw taboon typical straight forward ads ya3ni???

  7. elyoom awal maw3ed ma3ahom looking farward el#ylaa kilahaa ehnak o wayed yemdo7on shogholhom

  8. we r the agency who managed this TV Commercial i would like to thank you all for you remarks and comments and i hope you enjoyed the TVC. For whom who didn’t get the concept, it is as simple as: “even the worst disasters that could happen on a bride’s day wouldn’t matter, because she is protcted by a perfect smile.

  9. i find it somwat funny!

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