Abdulhalim Hafez – Angry

This is the first time I see this video of Abdulhalim Hafez getting angry at the crowd!


May God rest his soul in peace!

*Specially dedicated to DJF 😉

27 responses to “Abdulhalim Hafez – Angry

  1. Strange really…they seem to be cheering him, yet he was annoyed :s

  2. How weird I was listening to him all day today, and u posted about him. The crowd was a bit too loud, and their time it was disrespectful 🙂

  3. and he continued singing… ye7lela 🙂

  4. hi ansam i emailed u regarding al balad restaurant didnt get any reply from u did u receive my email

  5. Galasat !! This song needs a lot of concentration and whistling this way will make any (GALASAT) fan angry lol, i love this post !! ;p

  6. There was a story behind that, Baleegh 7amdy (music Composer) sent this crowd to annoy Abdel Halim while singing cuz he refused to give this song to Baleegh to compose it yet not sure if it s just a rummer but my mum told me that the crowd was two rude and didn’t give him a chance to perform as usual and even distracted other audience.

  7. He is the true personification of a gentleman….

  8. بحياتك يا ولدي امرأة عيناها سبحان المعبود
    فمها مرسوم كالعنقود
    ضحكتها أنغام وورود
    والشعر الغجري المجنون يسافر في كل الدنيا
    قد تغدو امرأة يا ولدي يهواها القلب هي الدنيا
    ……لكن سماءك ممطرة وطريقك مسدود
    فحبيبة قلبك يا ولدي نائمة في قصر مرصود
    من يدخل حجرتها من يطلب يدها من يدنو من سور حديقتها من حاول فك ضفائرها يا ولدي
    مفقود مفقود مفقود
    يا ولدي …………. يا ولدي
    الله يرحمه

  9. aham shay (lamma 3abdul7aleem “et3asseb”) hahaha

  10. الله يرحمه
    مولايق عليه يعصب 🙂

  11. allah yir7uma!
    I love him!!

  12. el bow tie ely labesha waid ekbera

  13. True .. Ward aljazariya, the wife of baleegh hamdee at that time, was said to be behind the group of rude audience who distracted Abdul halim.. Walaa feeha 7ail ba3ad ;p

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