Aziz on 6alabat

Aziz, my cousin (actually both his parents are my cousins) was so bored that he went on 6alabat for a chat with the operator!

21 responses to “Aziz on 6alabat

  1. ya7eebhom 7ag leeste3baa6

  2. LOOOOOL y7laila 😀

  3. hehe … why did u keep him bored…!

  4. funny ….. hatha nafsha elly bel youtube ?

  5. thats just rude and very childish… this chat for helping people who ordered from that site . and not to mock around… 3aib

  6. haha, that`s funny and kinda mean but definitely funny

  7. Ya rabe khef 6eena:p

  8. if aziz’s parents is ur cousin then aziz is ur nephew…

    -just sayin cuz that’s how it is…

    just sooo wierd cousins to cousins…

  9. Hmm that IS lame but funny, trying to chat up a Live help operator at 6alabat, lol?

  10. haha , this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!! , its hilarious !!!! Hhaha

  11. He’s just a kid who is bored. I see it as funny 😉 I dont think he will do it again though 😛

  12. Hhaahah , soo funny!!!

    One of the funniest things ever!

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