Toni & Guy – Corniche Club

I desperately needed to restyle my hair while trying to keep the length as much as I can… My friend Dina, who is a member at Al Corniche Club, suggested I drop by Toni & Guy there to have my haircut 😉

I called them up and booked an appointment with a “Top Stylist” – if you are not familiar with Toni & Guy, they are a worldwide hairdresser brand with different level stylist that you can choose from. Now I have tried them abroad and loved their services/products, I was hoping for the best in the branch here in Kuwait!

So I went yesterday right after work, the Salon is divided into two sections, Men on the right and Women on the left. The receptionist asked for my name and took me in to prepare me for the haircut.

It is exactly like what they do in London/UK. I was given the robe to wear, asked if I wanted anything to drink, and then guided to my seat. The stylist would come in, discuss the haircut, likes/dislikes, give suggestions, show pictures, and LISTENS! Then they take you for hairwash to get ready for your haircut.

My stylist was Alison, and she is AWESOME! Very down to earth! She asked me what product I use at home for my hair, my daily routine for haircare, how many times I wash it…. etc! It was a give-and-take kinda chitchat! I told her I never buy over-the-counter shampoos for my hair… I always get mine from Kerastase, Kiehl’s, and Fekkai mostly. She then ask what kind and for what type of hair… she really give attention! I liked that, cuz she recommended I stop using the Kerastase Clairfying shampoo, and get the one from the same brand for oily roots! She was really professional!

While styling my hair she asked how do I dry it! Well, I usually just blowdary it (with air only) cuz its kinda straight as it is, but sometimes I would use products such as Beach Creme for a carefree look! She even showed me the correct way to comb my hair before styling it with the hairdryer, and how to backbrush gently when I need volume!

I think I finally found a new -trust worthy- hairstylist for me in Kuwait! I am so satisfied and happy with the service, the haircut/restyle, and the place itself 😉 – Highly Recommended!

Toni & Guy Kuwait is located in Al Cornich Club, and their tel # is 25663286

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  2. Can I know the average of the prices ?

    • I believe they are KD22 and up or something. Mine was around KD26 or 28.. cant really remember since I bought some products along with my haircut

  3. I also got my hair cut my Alison a few days back and she is awesome!!!

  4. I wonder if the men’s are as good as the women’s…My advice for people who suffer from excess sebum in theri scalp…No product in the market can truly solve this problem 100 % — DIET DIET DIET — if your diet consists of veggies and fruits at least 6 servings a day then after a little less then a month you’d see some drastic changes in your hair — thicker,longer and stronger…There are pills out there that reduces sebum production in your over active sebaeous glands but might have some dire consequences like raising the level of your bad cholesterol…

  5. I also went to Alison, I love her!! The whole place is so professional and it’s really a nice change to finally find a place that REALLY understands what I’m looking for instead of getting an ok haircut all the time. I will go there from now on…after trying most of the other ‘western’ salons here and coming out unsatisfied or having my hair completely messed up…I have finally found a place that I can trust will do an excellent job. I have been talking about Toni & Guy non stop to all my friends…best salon in Kuwait!!

  6. Hi, from where do you buy these products as mentioned by you.

    • Beach Creme I usually get it from Hair Salons. Last one I got was from Eden in Sharg. Kiehl’s is located in the Avenues, Phase II. Other shampoos can be found in Va Va Voom or faces 😉 Sephora too

  7. prices? how much did it cost you to cut your hair? blow dry it? thanks!

  8. Hi everyone, here are the links to both our website and our FB group.
    We’re glad to hear so many possitive reviews 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing!
    I’m definitely going there!! 😀

  10. visited the toni guy al corniche salon in May had some moody english girl with a boob do my hair wasnt very good at all and very rude, would like to try someone else can anyone recommend someone

  11. sorry Bob, im going to book in at the end of the month, cant remember the girls name lisa or something like that!!

    Some friends at school have been there and said the other girls are great so that why i want to go back. Alison seems v.good so may try her.

    • Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear about you previous experience, we had a girl named Lauren with a bob there in May. She’s no longer with us.
      We have Emma, Jenna, Alison and Chloe there now – they’re all very professional and friendly!
      Hope to have you back again 🙂

  12. I had an appointment last week at the Al Corniche and I went home crying because she did not listen to me and my hair is in shambles!!!! My sister and mother told me to go to this american lady at the other toni and guy salon and WOW I love her Mar7alah!!! She is so funny and but yet so very professional. I made another appointment with Christine for a blowdry and colour with this other LA girl that my mother highly reccommeded becuase she had her colour done and it looks great!!
    All of my friends and family will NOW go to the toni and guy AL SHAAB…..

  13. did everyone know that theres 2 toniandguy salons in kuwait? I mistakingly found this out by driving to the location in al shaab behind the costa del sol hotel and not to the al corniche one. I stayed and got my color done with Yesenia, She is very nice and is from California. Did a very good job in my hair color. I do recomend her she listens to you and is not complicated like other ladies that i have been to. now i have made a styling appointment for my friends wedding with christine. I know u will like the al shaab location like i did.




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