Thank You Confashions!

This isn’t the first time I get a fashion tip from Confashions from Kuwait, I dont remember all of the times I checked her blog for something and rushed to the mall to get whatever items she posted about, but she recently posted about a ruffled cardigan that was available in H&M and I too, like her, snatched one of their racks for myself 😉

Another dress that I remember seeing on her blog and buying was this Malene Birger dress *in blue color*

And I still wear it after more than two years since I bought it – cuz I LOVE IT! (link).

Thank you Confashions – Keep’em coming!


Looks like Confashions also got a tip from me! Hahaha gotta love the bloggersphere 😉

4 responses to “Thank You Confashions!

  1. ne9 banat elq8 sharen hal cardigan ;p wayed ashof banat labsenha p fee many colors fee red o beige

  2. THANK YOOOOOOOOOOU Ansam! That’s very sweet of you and I hope it doesn’t become one of your regretful purchases :PpP

    You’re the sweetest :*

    And Likewise with your beauty/make-up tips 😉

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