Gelish at Nail It

Nail It is one place I keep going back to for my nail treatments… ever since the owner invited me over to try their services back in April, I got hooked on! Their facebook group is updated on daily basis with up-to-date news about the salon or random fashion clips along with services that keeps on changing and special promotion! The owner herself, Shaikha, is an awesome person! She takes every single matter I tell her about into consideration and follow up on it personally which adds to the whole customer experience we lack here in the region!

One of the services I read about on the group is the “Gelish” – Shaikha was there and she explained it to me. Its a nail service that creates some sort of adhesive bond between your nail and some gel products they have in the salon – and it wont damage that actual nail plate. Every coat applied is treated under UV light for less than a minute 😉

My nail technician was Glenda and she was patient and very precise with me… she listened to me really well, as I LOVE French manicure and wanted the white tip to be thin and whats not, so she did it the way I like it 😉

Its fast (instant) dry and looks really cool – I ❤ – and its supposed to stay put for like two weeks… lets see how that one goes now 😉

Nail It located in Plaza Hawalli and their tel# is 22658869

16 responses to “Gelish at Nail It

  1. i have an issue with my nails the pink part is very short and the nail itself is just flat not curved like normal ppl :p now im wondering if theyres sth i can or should do so that the punk part of the nail grows longer or if u recommend any medications or salon that would actually professionally know what they are doing? i would be VERY. grateful

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  3. I’m gonna try it right before I leave for ohio since I won’t be able to get my nails done there…at least 2 weeks of nice nails is better than nothing 😛

  4. I love my french nails, an instant makeover for your hands that leaves you feeling ultra feminine!

    I would seriously reccommend Emily at soho, she is amazing at her job, truly the best. Have heard good things about China salon in Salmiya too. If you want an appointment with Emily call a few days in advance as she is usually fully booked.
    Word of advice, if you can give your nails a breather for at least a month inbetween applications it’s worth it……they are addictive but try to break the habit 🙂 no matter what you have been told all Gels/acrylics leave your nail a little ‘weak’
    Anyway enjoy your nails….cant stop admiring mine!

    • Thanks for the tips Fatooma 🙂 Soho is really far away – never been there!
      I will really have to learn how to give my nails a breather, cuz they are almost always polished hehehe

  5. Thank you for your sharing.

  6. I love Nail it I just went this week , its a lovely place with a friendly staff and gr8 service!

  7. shaawqteeni !! a7eb swalif ilathafre o iltsbegh o chethe ;p

  8. Thank you ansam for the nice post .. Appreciate it 🙂

  9. My pleasure 🙂

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