Caribou’s New Logo

Back in March, 4thRing Road posted about Caribou Changing their logo, but a couple of days back I read more about it in AlRai Newspaper (link) .

Besides what the 4th Ring Road explained -that the the new design incorporates many elements that relate to the brand.. i.e. the Caribou body is a coffee bean, the antlers make a “C”, and the shield is like a park sign- The caribou is now facing right which shows-according to AlRai- reflects a brighter vision to the future ahead for the company. Plus his color now is closer to the coffee bean color (deep brown)! The blue shield is in fact inspired from a National Park – Denali in Alaska to be specific, a park that I have been to in 1998 😉

So which logo do you like more?

22 responses to “Caribou’s New Logo

  1. i prefer the old logo

  2. the new 1 is creative , i like it , bas i prefer the old 1 ,

  3. حلو اللوقو اليديد

    بس احب القديم اكثر 🙂



    Guacamole شنو ماركة الـ

    7 layers الي استخدمتيه بسلطة الـ

    ومن وين ؟

  4. the older one is a classic .. i like it more !

  5. I like the new logo concept, however I prefer the old logo, it just so original!

  6. i like the deer one more

  7. i like the older one ;s

  8. the new one is very nice , something i would design if i own a coffee shop , bs the old one has this warm feeling , especially with their theme , a7s chi winter feeling with delicious warm coffee and a fire place ;( madrii so i prefer the old one , was unique.

  9. I prefer the older logo but the new one is okay. I do love going there every morning before work. The coffee is good and the staff is excellent.

  10. I liked the old one for the font they have used, i think it suits the decoration of their stores better 😛

  11. nice logo
    kelma “caribou coffee” el 8adema a7la bwayd

  12. the old one wayed a7la

  13. i prefer the old one .. wayed a7la

  14. Although the description for the new one does make sense i love the old one much much better

  15. I like the old one

  16. My son likes Caribou’s alot, but he called it “The moose cafe”, what he will call it after changing their logo? The Ostrich cafe?!!!!!!! for sure the old logo is nicer

  17. In my opinion the old one is much better. It just looks way more professional.

  18. the new one is better , i like the font . i don’t feel like they’ve changed it ! its a totally different logo but has the same spirit

  19. I prefer the old logo … it suits the place

  20. Man… almost all of you prefer the old one… I like the new fresh looking one more

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