BT Date Muffins <3

My friend Alia wanted to have a brunch at her house, and she was out of time and ideas so I suggested she get stuff such as muffins, bread loafs, sandwiches…etc from Baking Tray. I did not specify anything except for the cookies. She went ahead and did the order – Next day she tells me about Baking Tray Date Muffin! I have never tried this muffin, but kept day dreaming about it in the office all morning till I decided I have to give it a shot… and I did 😉 – THANK YOU ALIA!! I am now going almost daily just to get this muffin!! LOL – I blame you and thank you at the same time 😉

Let me tell you something about me.. I am more of a cookie person than I am for muffins & cakes, I actually am a SUCKER FOR COOKIES that I have been nicknamed “Cookie Monster” since a very young age hehehe. This muffin is another story now!! Another thing about me is that I have always hated dates and anything with dates. My dad tried so hard throughput the years to make me love it but only manged to few years ago! Why did I hated dates without even trying them? They are SO GOOD!!! So good that I feel sorry I hated’em all those years… now back to the subject – Baking Tray Date Muffins….

They are fabulous! Golden brown in color, topped with some actual date shred, and with date rich content. I usually eat muffin tops but I eat this whole sucker! It became my daily snack at work! Hell yeah, I packed some for home because I kept talking about it and my sister wanted to try some – she also -not a cake person- fell in love with’em!

Still soft and yummy the next morning!

They are dangerously addictive!!

Baking Tray is located in Burj Mishaal in Sharq and their tel # is 22251544 (Map)

3 responses to “BT Date Muffins <3

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  2. you forgot to mention it’s cinnamon flavored! it makes a huge difference to the taste.

    I make date muffins sans cinnamon with hot custard (yellow) dipp.

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