CUSTO – Nicely Wrapped Up

This is one of those random posts where I just want to show appreciation with regards to customer experience and customer satisfaction levels 😉 I was shopping at CUSTO in the Avenues and look how nicely they wrap up your shopping merchandise 😉

Not to mention their environmental friendly reusable shopping bags 😉

Me likey 😉

8 responses to “CUSTO – Nicely Wrapped Up

  1. where is the shop in avenues?

  2. love their store. very coloreful and alive.

    I was at the store openning last year i think. the models they hired were literally twice my height.. made me feel like an elf :p

  3. I love Custo, alwan malabshom tshaweg o the way they wrap their clothes is just awesome, it’s like u dont want to open it at all!

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