Le Beef Burger!

So yeah.. I finally got to try the MUCH talked about burger in Le Cafe of Fauchon in 360 Mall

I ordered a pink lemonade -as suggested by our waiter- to go along with it 😉 I liked their pink lemonade… so refreshing, specially in this weather 😉

So both my friend and I order Le Beef Burger… I had mine cooked medium

And although I have specifically asked them not to cut it in half… it came this way

Taste? I expected it to be much better, not that it was bad or anything… as a matter of fact it was “kinda” good, but people kept raving about it so much, you know what I mean? Its just as Mark described it in his detailed review, hotel/room service quality 😉 I would say… a five star hotel quality kinda burger 😉 Yes its big, yes its juicy… but there was something off about the flavorings/spices used!! hmmmmm!!

Will I go again? Most probably yeah 😉 The atmosphere and service are great… the food is good, and the dessert I had was SO GOOD!

I forgot the name, but I picked the one in the glass bowl… Its brownie topped with some yummy white thing and on top of which is cornflakes mixed with chocolate (high quality chocolate) and shreds of gold! I loved it 😉

My friend had the eclaire and she loved it as well 😉 Our bill total was around KD20 (two burgers, two drinks, and desserts)

23 responses to “Le Beef Burger!

  1. Tried it in the Salmiya one, was not a burger, its kofta on a bun with strange spices, they have better options on the menu.

  2. 3alaykom bil 3afia, i tried the chocolate eclaire but it was too heavy. i will try the burger next time inshala thanks for the post 🙂

  3. totally agree with u ansam ,, el burger feha 6a3am ghareeb 🙂
    next time try their chicken caesar sandwich its soo yummy. and for burgers i would go for the meat Co. , butcher and chillies . these are my favorite places for burgers 🙂

    • Yeah mayaazatly el sara7a! Meat Co.’s burger is the best. I usually go for the Cheeseburger, but last time I was there the waiter recommended I try it Wagyu and I loved it even MORE!

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tray malt sweeeeet etshawq shakl sweet so yummy

  5. Burger, YUM!!

  6. Looks delicious. I like the burgers at the Lizard Lounge in Paris in the Marais. They really undercook them though… unless specified.

  7. hmm i will try it … until now the best i had was the gaucho burger …

  8. Burgers ROCK 🙂 yum yum yum, I like different types, according to my mood! They all taste different but still like them all 😉 Welcome to my BURGER World. BY THE WAY, I miss you.

    • I will have to disagree with you hehehe! I am a burger person myself and I do not love/like all burgers… I have tried some pretty bad ones
      I miss you more babes ;-***

  9. u have to try B+F open flame kitchen wild fire burger , a7laaaa burger walaaa o naaaaar , isim 3ala mosamaa 😀

  10. u have to try The ROMA burger OFK . best burger ever

  11. You think I should give it a try Ansam!!?

  12. Your best friend

    ama enta 9adiqi bs ma t7s bnafsek

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