I Just Wanted Some Sunflower Seeds…

I met my friend Shurooq for coffee at 360 Mall yesterday after work… and before I left, I decided to make a quick stop at International Mills (elma67ana eldowaliya) for some sunflower seeds!

It was a bit crowded.. few people were ahead of me waiting to be served, it was around 8:00pm and I didnt mind the wait. A green-eyed lady, in her late 30s, kept looking at me, I pretended I didnt see her! She kept turning her face my way… till our eyes met – DANG! She is approaching me, I do not know who she is! She was smiling while she came my way, so I smiled back – I will call her Ms. Green

Ms. Green: God! I am diabetic, but I cant resist sugar (and she reaches out to the bonbons on the shelves, takes one, unwrap it, and put it in her mouth) :-O

I say nothing

Ms. Green: I like this mill… they have good stuff, right?

Ansam: Yes 🙂

Ms. Green: I have a daughter your age, how old are you????

Ansam: Excuse me? hehehe I dont think you are old enough to be my mother (trying to be nice – plus she didnt look THAT old)

Ms. Green: I am 36-38

Ansam: Mashalla (and thinking to myself WTH is 36-38!!! LOL)

Ms. Green: My son studies medicine and he is going to graduate this summer

Ansam: Congrats 🙂 I am sure you are proud

Ms. Green: Well… its fine with me, in the end, its all for him right?

Ansam: 🙂

Ms. Green: I dont like the nationality of the sales guy (and she mentions his nationality – I was like GOD! I hope he is not listening to this) and she continues: They are well known for their flirting behavior and over confidence… blah blah blah (she said A LOT )

Anyways… the lady kept on going, I was praying for the line to go FASTER… but she kept going at it, telling me about her life, that she is divorced, her kids, that she needs to go to the ATM machine to get cash (and why would I be interested in that) – I just smiled mostly!

Oh and earlier today, I make a stop at the gas station, the service guy opens up to me and I am like WTH! He goes on about this customer who wanted to fill her gas with premium but goes to the ultra spot instead and then get shocked at the price and make a scene, he kept talking and talking and talking!

Last week, when I was sick and at the doctor, while waiting for my turn, I was wearing one of those worn-out-style jeans where its torn and all… this lady comes to me and asks “Is this style in? My daughter is killing me with her style, she wears all black… black clothes, nail polish, accessories, shoes… you name it” and she goes on and on until we get to her daughter’s performance in school and how bad it is….

I mean how far and deep can you go in your conversations with strangers!? I hardly even start one! And what do I have written on my forehead? Shrink??? LOL

Picture from Flickr 😉

20 responses to “I Just Wanted Some Sunflower Seeds…

  1. LOL!!

    I only socialize with strangers on planes when they sit next to me .. last time it was a BA cabin crew member who missed a flight due to a strike .. i got to know all about his job and stuff .. but nothing about ATM machines and ages 😛

    Women love talking!! 😉 😛 hehe

  2. That’s the price to pay when you are famous.


  3. ur a people’s person 🙂 … once i called the bank and gave my name … then the guys asked me “do u know flan?” … so now the guy who knows flan knows all my bank account details 😦

    • I am not really a people’s person. I tend to have poker face most of the time LOL but sometimes I guess I am irresistible 😛 hehehe *thiqa*

  4. I think ur energy is drawing ppl to u, heehe u should charge and they can pay u with Yummy food :p even I was drawn by ur energy to ask u for PB’s number 😀

  5. i know how you felt.. i get that squirrel from over the hedge (im not sure if thats the movie) saying Awwkwaarrd.. and then i use the fake caller app on my Ipod to excuse myself.. maybe she was advertising her son to you or something, i see those moments everyday lol be flattered

  6. Moody Panties

    LOOL !!! i just think the green eyes lady was trying to have a conversation to know your age cuz shes looking for a wife for her son whose graduating !! didnt you get it !! lol

    • LOL nah! I dont think so… I think she wasnt honest. She said shes 38, and her son just graduated from Med school which makes him hmmm 24-26 ya3ni shloon ballah???

  7. I agree w/ Moody Panties..!! Also, if she is 36-38… her son is graduating soon… this means he is atleast 22 ??? how young was she when she had him ?!?!?! i wonder..!! heheh..

  8. oh dear god very uncomfortable situation!!! how rude can a person be ?!! seriously how offensive and racist can she get ?! god if only i was there with u LOOOL

  9. I think you’re the type that smiles o just give people the impression that you’d accept them 🙂 that’s why people approach you.

    o I also feel that you’re very patient.

    You did the right thing by just listening.

    • I didnt smile hehehe I only did when she was approaching me with her smile so I kinda smiled back :-S lol
      Yeah she kinda freaked me out that I just nodded to most of her nags 😛

  10. I think it’s sweet ! when someone starts a conversation with a complete stranger (i only do that with strange kids i like to tease them lol) .. you are right about not sharing anything personal but at least being a good smiling listener makes the other person feel happy to talk to you .. i think it’s sweet and better than those people who think that they’re Gods and no one should talk to them and nor should they talk to anyone cuz they’re HOT and other people are NOT .

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