Bassam Fattouh Makeup

I have received so many emails announcing Bassam Fattouh‘s makeup arrival to Kuwait, I did not make the trip right away, but while shopping in AlRawda Coop I decided to check it out 😉 – Glad I did 😉

At first, the very nice and friendly sales lady, Obaida, was more than helpful! I was pale and kinda recovering from my illness and all… so she suggested to apply some on me… I loved the eyebrow pencil she used, and I also like the very JET black color eye pencil so I asked her for both… I also tried a couple of lipsticks and decided to get the beige one, but when she told me that there is one called Rouge Q8 I asked for instantly 😉 She also tried on some makeup on me but I just wanted those four items. I bought them and went down to my sister who said “Whoa! You look better today!! Your face is rosey and fresh!!” I went right back up and got whatever she used on me LOL – The S4 Two Way Cake and Bonne Mine Blusher!

Level of satisfaction? VERY high! I love it… I was asked what eye pencil I was wearing by a friend and by a total stranger! Its somewhat similar to YSL one. The lipsticks (both) are buttery in texture and the colors are awesome. The blusher gave me the rosey glow, which I need for my pale face after I got sick… the two way cake, well its good coverage, light and creamy too! Eyebrow pencil is oh-so-natural 😉 I like I like all 🙂

Do I recommend it? Oh yeah… go get’em girls!  And Obaida is super helpful and super sweet 😉

Packaging? Its very artistic and I love it… its just similar to Benefit kinda… but still unique in its own way 😉

Price Tag?

Black Eyeliner Pencil: KD7.250

Eyebrow Pencil: KD7.250

Lipstick: KD8

Blusher: KD11.250

Two Way Cake: KD15

8 responses to “Bassam Fattouh Makeup

  1. وصيت اختي تشوف البوست تحب هالسوالف




  2. I loved them so much and I picked their liquid foundation and the 2 lipsticks (Rouge Q8 & Hayfa Lips) ..
    Actually the collection emphasized on what you really need when it comes to make-up .. you dont need bother thinking what to pick as most of items suits Arabs complexion and skin tone .
    Not forget the packages which are A.W.E.S.O.M.E 🙂

  3. love the whole line ;p , i ve just come back from jam3eyat el rawdha hehe i met obaida their, she was helpful indeed , l ve just bought the eye brow pencil 3ajeeeb o it was the last piece ,also i bought haifa lips, blusher and black kajal eye pencil , love them all 😀

  4. shawagteny Ansam i went 2day o i also meet obaida she is so sweet o i really loved Bassam fato7 makeup woooooow 😉

  5. Need to go there ASAP! I waaant!

  6. Glad you all liked the post and Obaida is indeed helpful and so sweet

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