Choco Nut

Whadya think of this concept?

A chocolate fondue fountain with a wide range of cereals and fruit!

Every time I go to do my nails at Nail It I pass by this stand, its called Choco Nut

Most of those cups -if not all- are priced at KD0.500

And with chocolate its another KD0.500

Total price? KD1…. tastewise? I did not try it 😛 So whadya think? They seem to be offering other services such as party catering 😉

For more, check out their website:

15 responses to “Choco Nut

  1. YaaaaaaY i looove it o it teats Amazing (Y)

  2. the last pic looks delicious

  3. Food here there every where 😛

  4. i’ve tried it 7da yummy bs u can make it at home, nothing special =p !

  5. They also had/have a stand in the scientific center 🙂

    a6lub mixed fruit with melted chocolate topping (Y)

  7. Moody Panties

    I tried it before, i think its a great idea, but i think 1kd is too much for a small cup!!

  8. It is at the Scientific Center, it’s good, but not anything WOW, I actually prefer ice cream 😀

  9. kela ashofa bus ma shawaqni

  10. the first time i had it was in the scientific center…i liked it back then but when i had some recently in Hawally park it didnt taste good at all…the chocolate tasted kinda old!!weird!!


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