In Town’s Sushi Pizza

The owner of In Town Cafe invited me over to try one of their new creations, the Sushi Pizza! Right after work I dropped by to give it a try 😉 He made me two pizzas, a regular round one, and a Chicago squares’ cut! The crust? Well hmmm its made of rice 😉

Here is the Seafood Sushi Pizza

And the below is the Veggies Sushi Pizza

Interesting taste 😉 I took a slice of the seafood one, but two squares of the veggies! Creative work, I like 😉

To read my previous In Town review, click here!

In Town Cafe is located in Kuwait City, Al Saqran Complex in AlMubarakiya, and their tel # is 22497971

For their full menu, click here – Q8PD

14 responses to “In Town’s Sushi Pizza

  1. ‘Creative’ agree
    ‘Tastes interesting’ agree
    Would i try it i can’t imagine my self doing so and i’m a japamaniac :S

  2. mm 🙂 different! would love to try it someday

  3. looks yummy walla !

  4. oooh…
    rice in everything is so not my thing…
    i like the bread of the pizza..
    umm.. interesting ;p

  5. looks yummi …….i have to try !!!

  6. it looks nice , new idea .. wish him the best
    ive tried their food its good.

    ansam , when u left how did ur clothes smell ;p
    because its to tiny the kitchen is right next to u .

  7. not appetizing at all

  8. i would definately like to try the seafood one!! whats in it?? both looks delicious!!

  9. i really like the concept reminds me of londons small cafes where they server sandwiches salads and sushi
    good job keep it on in town … will visit u shortly

  10. get the pizza at edo, do not know its name, just tell him what Ghanim (not me) and his friends get

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