Randomly Shopping With Me – Rawda Coop

This was one of the “FUN” days while I was sick all last week! I went grocery shopping at Rawda Coop with my sister! I am thinking of introducing posts where I take you shopping with me in different places… like this one, around the isles taking random pictures with short commentaries 😉 So lets go shopping… shall we?

The Verbena tea that I posted about previously (here, here, and here) is now available in Kuwait…. or maybe it was available all along but I didnt know about it hehehe 😉 Nice

I also highly recommend you try Lipton Clear Green tea (lemon)! I am not a BIG fan of green tea, I drink it for its benefit… I dont like the taste much, but this one is another story!!!

Anwho… moving on to the next item! I really like Heinz Tomato Ketchup Ad!

Take a closer look! Hahaha I love it, but I dont like Ketchup 😛 Yeah… not even with fries 😛 But its a nice ad 😉

Speaking of fries… my friend Noon told me about this brand, McCain… she said it taste exactly like McDonald’s!!

And while on the subject of fries and ketchup… how about some burgers?

The one on the left is made of beef, whereas the one on the right is made of mutton! I never tried mutton burgers! I am not tempted… are you?

Did you know harees is called peeled wheat? I always knew it was wheat but didnt know what kind! hmmm interesting!

My friend, Shushu, loves Petra Swiss roll cakes! She calls them “Dowa Ka77a” (which means cough medicine) lol heheheh I guess just like how I believe ice cream can cure my cold, flu, cough, and tummy aches! Hahahaha

And the last one is an eye care product… I never tried it! I dont know if its any good but I like the idea 😉

13 responses to “Randomly Shopping With Me – Rawda Coop

  1. caffeine roll-on… it’s nice for a temporary fix, but not really a treatment.

    btw grocery shopping posts = great idea

  2. mcdoanalds is mcains gold long not this one and salamat matshofeen shar for ur sickness

  3. Your friend is right! Mc Cain is a supplier for Mc Donalds. But the one in the picture is not the version they sell. You have to buy the bag that says ‘Thin cut’ 😉

  4. i agree with enigma, grocery shopping posts is a great idea 😉

    I heart harees :p ehehe wanasa

  5. 3ad ana a7b l jm3yat o 7atta swalf TSC o geant

  6. We use to get McCain french fries …its really nice!! i love grocery shopping but mostly its TSC for me!! i havent been to Rawda Coop yet !!

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