La Sante Clinic

I have recently visited La Sante Clinic with my dad. He’s been getting treatment from them (and so is one of my sisters) and was happy about the results there. He recommended I try their Ozone Therapy for my feet to treat my inflamed toe nail, I gave it a try!

As they describe their clinic, its an Oasis of Health 😉 They offer various services -besides the Ozone treatment I am getting- like dermatology & cosmetics, rheumatology & rehabilitation, pain relive and laser needle unit, foot care unit, and lastly diet and body shaping!

I took a walk around with Dr. Suad AlGhurair, who was very kind and very nice! Super genuine and down to earth to. In their Laser Unit they offer laser hair removal, laser rejuvenation, Varicose Veins

They also have a Mesotherapy machine that uses injections without needles to treat hair fall problems, rejuvenate the face, lipolysis, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems!

There are also machines and other units in the clinic used to cure other skin problems such as peeling and acne problems, and units for botox and fillers too!

My dad is going under laser needle treatment for his knees

So overall… the clinic offers a wide range of different services, the staff and doctors are very nice! I am scheduled for different sessions and I will be going there more often!

The clinic is located in Al Shaab AlBahri on AlKendy street, and their Tel # is 2263-8511.

All pictures provided are from La Sante Clinic. Thank you Dr. Suad 😉

4 responses to “La Sante Clinic

  1. Interesting! Ansam do theta have a site with their treatments?

  2. Dr Suad Al Ghurair

    Thank you for your kind words Ansam, and you are welcome to our clinic.
    Moreover, in response to Nofers, we do not have a website (for now it’s in the making though) but if you would like you could call us at # 22638511 and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

    Dr Suad Al Ghurair

  3. I hope the treatment is as good as the looks of their clinic.

  4. Dr. Saud, I will give u a call inshallah..

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