Tiny Boots!

Spotted at Marks & Spencer – TINY boots!

How tiny is tiny here? Well check this out… I compared the boots -size wise- to my BlackBerry Curve 😉

7 responses to “Tiny Boots!

  1. يشوق
    بنت خالتي شاريه حق بنتها ام 6 اشهر
    uggs loool
    نتفه حده 😉

  2. wechallim galbaah wallah!!
    adorably cuuuuute 😀

  3. waaai soo adorable!! hehe sj tiny

  4. i want em!!!!!!! ;p
    they won’t fit 😦
    SOOO CUUUTTEEE ;*******

  5. can fit it on my hello kitty dolls!lol

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