The Short Cut – 2011

Kuwait has never been so diverse, so eclectic and so hip like now a day!
Emerging fresh entrepreneurs and artists from different backgrounds and educations are
enriching our society and surprising us everyday of how much KUWAIT has to offer!!

Yet, we have a lack of information’s to reach that niche market. It is such a cliché to count on
the word of mouth to get what Kuwait has best to offer. Forget the fancy entourage and all the
old saying’s I know someone who knows someone to get what you want!!

We’ve been there, we’ve done it all and we present you simply the crème de la crème,

We proudly announce the opening doors for anyone that would like to join us in our 2011 SHORTCUT Guidebook!

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested and want to be in the 2011 book, please let us know through the following contact:

-Mobile: +965 97853033
-Msg: Facebook Fan Page “The Shortcut

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