Alison Nelsen’s Chocolate Bar

While in Dubai Mall, I dropped by Alison Nelsen’s Chocolaye Bar for dessert with a couple of my friends.

We just had light lunch at

Armani Cafe and spotted it on the upper floor of the mall when we decided to have dessert there 😉

Very shabby chic feel to it 😉 We browsed through the menu and picked out three desserts

We ordered red velvet cupcake, chocolate fondue, and spicy brownie with vanilla ice cream (can you guess my order? :-P)

The cupcake itself was too buttery from the inside and too sugary in the icing (which was dripping from one side), but it wasnt bad – Just okay!

Chocolate Fondue was impressively presented specially when I kept comparing it to Chocolate Bar – Kuwait… you know what I mean?

The spicy brownie wasnt really spicy in the beginning, I felt the spiciness after few bites in my throat… it was such a tingly nice feeling though 😉

Overall, the atmosphere is very chic and it over looks some cafes down (Armani and Fauchon) with so much sunlight in. It was nice… but I somehow felt their menu is limited and that they can do much better with presentation

12 responses to “Alison Nelsen’s Chocolate Bar

  1. Are you sure this isn’t heaven? Looks awesome!

  2. ana jarabta , there food wasnt that good

  3. hehehehe qer6as el-cup cake 6aye7 men 3aini, mkawwad bel-jam3eyyat o 7atta soaq london shino makoo a7la mennah!!!!

  4. ooh i went there , true , the menu was too limited n the food was not bad , chocolate bar kuwait is waay better 😀

  5. not impressed at all with the place… very average

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  7. It looks normal, and not intresting to visit and eat.

  8. I’ve tried once .. didn’t like it at all!

    It makes u proud that an original concept made by Q80’s (Chocolate Bar Kuwait) can beat world wide franchises ! 🙂

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