The Proteges – Day III – Dubai Metro & Dubai Mall

So its our last day in Dubai… after the usual, breakfast and meeting in the lobby, we checked out, loaded our luggage in the bus and headed to the Dubai Metro Station

We asked the bus driver to meet us at the Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa exit. Everyone wanted to try the metro so why not 😉

The staff at Dubai Metro were so friendly and so attentive 🙂

Mentor Shamlan AlBahar & Dana AlOtaibi of Pink Coffee took charge of booking the tickets for us

And off we go 😉

Mariam AlOmani is excited 😉 Hehehe so was I 😀

I was surprised that not all areas were air conditioned :-S

However, the metro was 😀 And it was super clean and nice

And again… the student sang Happy Birthday to Mentor AlBahar – That is his shy look by the way waving for us to stop 😛

Followed by a mini speech given by Mentor Abdullah AlEisa about Dubai economical boom and how determined and hard working mind can reach

Thats one big Achievement from Dubai 😉 Burj Khalifah

And off to Dubai Mall. We spread out and let everyone do their own thing, agreeing on a time to meet for lunch

To Be Continued 😉

13 responses to “The Proteges – Day III – Dubai Metro & Dubai Mall

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I saw you guys while I was eating lunch at the food court in dubai mall — I as a matter of fact hummmmmmmed the song (the ants go marching one by one hurrraaaaaaaaah hurraaaaah) as ya’ll passed by ………. So how was the Westin ?9aaaaaaaa7? men el9ewar chakaitaah ( my former favorite hotel in DXB) :PPP

    • Hahahah 😉 Many Kuwaitis were in Dubai that weekend, I saw quite a few people I know there 😉 And yes, it was Westin… and I reviewed it too

  2. Is the train station far from the mall?

    & is it true that most stations remain closed?

  3. theire metro was stinky , could barely breath 😦

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  5. e7na chethe methelkom eli ma3aiy kanaw yabon ejarbon il metro fa 5athayna il metro min mall of the emirates lay dubai mall 3ala bona 3abalna egreb wayed yam il mall lama nezalna min il station eli 3ind dubai mall/burj khalifah tewahagna tefaja2na ena eb3ed ya3ni feha mashya o kan ma3ana yahal o belail bas ashwa 3ad 3ala 7athna legaiyna ba9 ewadena seda laiy dubai mall parking hehe bas kan ma8lab il 9ara7a experience mayenesi :p

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  7. Nice. I recently returned from dubai as well. Metro is super cool. Btw..u do know Metro Trains are driverless. How amazing is that.

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