Dean & Deluca – Dubai Mall

While in Dubai Mall, I went solo for the first couple of hours before lunch. I did some shopping and walked around snapping random pictures. As I was walking to the meeting point I decided to drop by Dean & Deluca Dubai since it was their opening day 😉

I loved the ambiance there 😉

Some managers from all over Dean & Deluca were there for the opening too

Gotta love this atmosphere of big glass windows overlooking the fountain and Burj Khalifah

And yes! That is Najib (of Dean & Deluca) reflection on the window!

As generous as always, they gave me a refreshing drink before I took of 😉

12 responses to “Dean & Deluca – Dubai Mall

  1. I LOVE DUBAI !!

    many nice restaurants and shops over there!!

    I miss living there!! LOL 😀

  2. nice …. its been closed for a loooong time …they have another one in souk albahar … but this looks much better

  3. WOW it looks amazing ! leash mafe bel q8?!

  4. gotta love dubai, etyanen mamel menha 😀

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  6. i just came bk from dubai!

    i so wish i read this post before going!
    chaan re7t dwrtah eb dxb mall!
    i onlt spend 6 hours in that mall coz it ws SOOO hot! the AC kan 5rbaan :p LOL

    mn elposts o ele ynktb 3n elmakan kela 56ri arolah..

  7. I ate in the Dubai Mall branch, food was OK, however half way through the sandwich I found a large black hair in the middle. I complained and the waitress took it away and brought the bill. The sandwich was still on the bill, I paid however and left, I guess I should have made a bigger fuss but was in a hurry. It ruined the meal for me, and I was annoyed not to get an apology as if it was an every day occurrence. I would have expected higher standards of cleanliness from here. I would recommend baker and spice as a better alternative

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