The Proteges – Day II – Madinat Jumeirah

After a long eventful day at Emirates Mall and Afternoon Safari Trip the students were beat… but in the mood to celebrate still 😉 After all… it was few hours before Mentor Shamlan AlBahar’s birthday!

So it was the usual, gather and lounge in the hotel lobby till everyone comes in… then take the bus to our destination; Souk Madinat Jumeirah!

We walked around the souk snapping pictures here and there and checking out different shops and making mini stops..

It was a nice evening… although a bit humid, but the atmosphere and surroundings + the awesome company made up for it all 😉

Oh I snapped this picture specially for Chay AlTha7a 😉

Anyways… we settled for Japengo Restaurant 😉

The mentors, proteges, their familes, and volunteers quickly gathered around our one long table to eat

Now I usually wont allow many people to fiddle around with my camera, but Mentor Yarub Burhama seemed the professional guy to be handling it with extra care 😉 And yes… I carried TWO cameras throughout the trip 😛

Anyways… Mentor Shamlan AlBahar and Dana AlOtaibi were discussing the menu and dishes with Japengo staff to place order for our dinner

Everyone seemed to be having great time and enjoying the yummy food – I was too tired to even eat anything!! Can you believe that? 😛 hahaha but I tried Japengo on previous visits and they have some yummy dishes – Loved their shrimp tempura 😉 Anyways… it was time for Shamlan’s Birthday CELEBRATION!!! Wohoooo

Here is Mentor AlBahar with Nasser AlHumaidi and our awesome camera man, Sulaiman AlRifaie, checking out the footage

We left to go back to the hotel after this -kinda- relaxing dinner that was very much needed after a long day

Oh and it is worth mentioning that on the bus and at exactly midnight, the student had prepared a surprise for their Mentor Shamlan AlBahar! It was quite nice and very thoughtful 😉

To be Continued 😉

9 responses to “The Proteges – Day II – Madinat Jumeirah

  1. I’m going to Dubai in 2 days! and I’m enjoying your posts about Dubai, now i know exactly where I wanna go! Thanks Ansam

  2. Happy birthday shamlaan 😀 7ob al naas shay al9ara7a kel insaan yetmannaah o ana agool masha’allah enta 3endik alshay hatha :DDDD Allah yetamm 3alaik

    Nice post Ansaam ;))))))))))))

  3. dubai here i come, i am going to dubai next weekend inshala just looking at your great posts i can’t wait to go there 🙂

  4. الله فيووووولي حبيبي

    جان خمطتيه معاج ويبتيه لي


    مشكوره على الصوره وترا خذيتها 🙂

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