The Proteges <3 Chef Adla AlSharhan

Few days back, the proteges visited Chef Adla AlSharhan’s Umami Culinary Consulting & School in Khaldiya.

They were divided into two teams; the Blue and Red teams! They started of with learning basic info about cooking, food, safety, and so

So each team must come up with a concept restaurant, work on a budget, create a menu, pick a location, do finances, and actually COOK food for a judging panel… Mentor Shamlan involved me in when I though I was there just to cover up the story… and boy oh boy, let me tell you this… THE STUDENTS WERE AMAZING!!! So lets see how it worked out… shall we?

Chef Adla AlSharhan was to mentor the student and help them in the overall cooking process, giving them suggestions and helping them out…

Here is Chef AlSharhan with the Blue Team

And the Red Team

and as for the planning part of the process, each team had back offices kinda thing working on the design, layout, menu, interiors…etc

So again, here is the Red Team working on their concept with Mentor Abdulaziz ALloghani

Who kept going back and forth between teams… cuz this picture is with him and Mentor Rana AlKhaled checking our the Blue Team work

And back to the kitchen… Chef Adla AlSharhan was full of positive energy spreading it all over the place

Now I have seen her on TV and YouTube and thought she was awesome… but I even liked her more in person! Very smiley and very active – You gotta love that chef 😉

Protege Noura AlHajeri was the manager for Red team so she had to check in between now and then on their work 😉 She rocks! Another very positive person in the premises 😉

Chef AlSharhan was all about senses and feelings with cooking – something I can easily relate to with Ansam’s Kitchen 😉 She would come up with different spices like this one here that contained some mango something in it!! She asked Protege Dalal AlSulaiti to try it out

Shamlan, on the other hand, was having a chit chat with Altaf and Monera of Blue Team… they were working on the dessert

Here is Dalal again… I think she liked the Chef’s suggestions and took them into consideration

Things in the kitchen were going crazy but not too out of control… it was the good kinda crazy… the fun kinda crazy to say the least.. I was having SO MUCH FUN 😉

Hmmm… interesting!!

As you can tell from my pictures I kept switching between the kitchen and the other room were both team were working together. Back to the designing, finances, and layouts… I snapped few more pictures for you

Ms. Shaikha AlNafisi was helping out both teams with the planning process and giving them consultations on how to work on the budget

Mentors AlBahar and Burhama were talking with the students throughout the planning process… they seemed to be taking their project seriously!

I really am impressed with The Proteges! Such an awesome group that gives me big hope for the new generation!

Now back to the kitchen… the food is almost done and ready to be served 😉

Well… Mariam AlOmani is still wrestling with her chicken hehehe – nevertheless she was AMAZING!

Joumana writing the recipe down – The mushroom risotto

Now how about that??????

So yeah… the moment of truth, the judges!!! Here is Mentors AlKhaled & AlBahar ready to eat and ready to grade 😉

The Blue Team started… their concept restaurant was Italian, the dishes served were broad beans puree for appetizers, mushroom risotto for main course, and pastry drizzled with chocolate, honey, and powedered sugar for dessert! They were amazing!

Aside of their exquisite food and AMAZING risotto, their management team did amazing… considering all the questions we asked them… even when they were wrong, they prepared an answer for every thing…

I was impressed! They looked so confident and so ready to be slashed! Very well done Blue Team 😉

Now with the Red Team… they immediately got high points for their ideas from minute one… They served complimentary lemon shot drinks along with a complimentary bread basket with this indescribable dipping sauce… something I have never ever tasted in any Indian restaurant! So yeah… they went with Indian food, creating lighter and healthier versions of Indian dishes

For appetizers, they served lentil soup, butter chicken with steamed rice for main course, and yogurt based dessert… all of which were fabulous!

Another added plus is their bowls of lemon-esque hand cleansing  water! I loved the idea

The dessert was another story! It was vanilla flavored yogurt topped with mango/saffron flavored yogurt and garnished with pistachios! I was so full… I had a bite or two of everything, except for this dessert… I could not stop eating it till it was gone! WOW

Like the Blue Team, the Red Team management gave in their presentation to the panel

After both team were done… they sat waiting to hear the verdict 😉

Based on some parameters, such as: creativity, presentation, taste, finances, interiors, and service, both team were given grades from the four judges… and the winning team was THE RED TEAM! WTG Red… but to be quite honest, they both did amazing! I loved their work, their spirit, their attitude, and amazing ideas…

Chef Adla AlSharhan will be giving cooking classes for the Red Team – Courtney of Umami Culinary School!

Thank you Chef for having us at your school, thank you Shaikha for your consultation, thank you mentors for inviting me to this amazing event, and the last but not least the fabulous students and Pink Coffee staff for always making me feel so at ease and so welcomed 😉 I had so much fun 😀

For more, join Umami Group on Facebook (link)

8 responses to “The Proteges <3 Chef Adla AlSharhan

  1. Ya7lelhum…Good job reporting back to us Ansam:)

  2. WTG!!! Looks all so fun!

  3. u got me droooooling

  4. looks like sooo much fun!!!!!!
    i wanttt!! ;p

  5. WHAT! i thought Umami closed or relocated. I was trying to contact them in the past couple of months but couldn’t, know there location just behind our old house in Khaldia but i was embarrassed to just go and knock on their door :/ ok good i can contact then now again :>

  6. We should be able to facebook Like this page. this is amazing! 🙂 abe I bookmark it w mani 3arfa shloon

    Thank you ansam

  7. Thank you all for your sweet kind comments. Yes Umami school is open and I had so much fun that day. I am glad you all enjoyed the post 🙂 Proteges rock 😉

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